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About Park Avenue Group

About The Park Avenue Group

Why choose Orlando based Park Avenue Group as your Banking Recruiters and Medical Device Recruiters over other firms? It’s simple.  

Speed, quality, partnership, industry knowledge and integrity. 

Here’s what we mean: 


When you have a key position that needs to be filled, TIME IS MONEY.  By the time a search firm is hired, often the need to fill the position has reached a critical level and the cost mounts each day it remains unfilled.  We understand this and react immediately.  When your need is top priority, we make it ours too and can devote entire teams to finding top talent for your organization.


Our ratio of candidates presented to interviewed are the best in the industry.  We don’t waste your time.  Unless the candidate fits the specifications of the client and we feel will fit in to the culture of the organization, they are not presented.  We interview hundreds of people in order to send you the top 3 or 4 choices who meet your specifications the best.


Park Avenue Group is not just your staffing firm, we consider ourselves your partner and as such provide much more than just a pool of candidates.  We provide market intelligence, onboarding and retention assistance, strategizing sessions, and more.   We are literally your eyes and ears inside and outside the company and your advocates in the community.  At the Park Avenue Group, we pride ourselves on not being transactional recruiters and instead aspire to being true confidants and partners to our clients.

Industry knowledge

The owner of Park Avenue Group, Stacy Ethun Stevens, as a former 20 year banker, brings a unique wealth of knowledge that no other recruiting team for the banking industry can provide.  Her insider knowledge of the banking and finance industry gives her team an edge to understanding the challenges faced in the financial arena.  There is no one better at “getting in there” with her clients and candidates to ensure their needs are being met with every prospective match. 


1. We don’t recruit out of our clients.  2. We don’t send resumes without our candidate’s prior knowledge and consent.  3.  We do follow up long after the placement to ensure both parties are happy and the relationship retains its long term potential.  4.  We have been known to terminate both candidate and client relationships because of ethical issues, even when it hurts our bottom line.

We tell prospective clients “try us out”.  Test us and see for yourself why new clients become long term partners of the Park Avenue Group.  

Whether you’re a candidate looking for your next career upgrade or an employer needing to expand or enhance your work force, we can help!  Email a banking recruiter or medical device recruiter at admin@parkavegrp.com or call us at 407-629-2424 today.  We’ll get you in the right hands.


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