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Park Avenue Group Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary!

posted in "General" on 10/02/17

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Park Avenue Group Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary Orlando, FL October 2, 2017 Park Avenue Group ( http://www.parkavegrp.com ) announces their 20-year anniversary. As a premier Orlando base ... Read more »

Park Avenue Group Celebrates Work Anniversaries of Two Top Performers

posted in "General" on 09/01/17

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Park Avenue Group Celebrates Work Anniversaries of Two Top Performers Orlando, FL August 17, 2017 Park Avenue Group (http://www.parkavegrp.com/) announces the three-year anniversaries of two of ... Read more »

Employment Summary for August 2017

posted in "General" on 11/21/16

  Employment Summary forAugust 2017 The August Employment Situation Summary released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed a slowdown from 209,000 jobs added during July, to 156,000 nonfarm payroll positions ... Read more »

First Friday December 2017

posted in "General" on 02/10/16

  Have you modernized your employee review practices? Traditional business practices are being shaken up. Many companies are reviewing their long-held traditions in favor of more ag ... Read more »

Career Tip - 100

posted in "General" on 09/04/12

Career Tip #100 - We hope everyone has enjoyed and benefitted from our Career Tips series.  It's our sincerest wish that the tips we have highlighted can help you achieve meaningful employment where you ... Read more »

Career Tip - 99

posted in "General" on 08/29/12

Career Tip #99 -  If your onboarding process consists of handing the new person an employee manual and assigning them a desk, you are not setting them up for success.  To strengthen t ... Read more »

Career Tip - 98

posted in "General" on 08/27/12

Career Tip #98 - It's not unusual to find people in the workplace who expend enormous effort pretending to work but whom are just doing the minimum to get by.   Apathy and burnout are the largest co ... Read more »

Career Tip - 97

posted in "General" on 08/24/12

Career Tip #97 - Fridays are generally considered the most unproductive work day, as many people take off at least part of the day and those remaining are often mentally absent.  To increase product ... Read more »

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