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The Benefits of Using a Recruiter

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If you are considering making a job change in the near future, you might wonder if the services of a recruiter will bring value or if you would be better off leading your own job search. 

Here are a few reasons why you should add a recruiter’s services to your arsenal:

  1. It’s estimated that up to 80% of open jobs are not advertised using traditional methods. Recruiters have leads on positions you may never hear about otherwise.  Employers often outsource many of their open requisitions to recruiters in order to save the company the time and hassle of advertising and screening candidates.  In many cases, especially with senior level positions, companies have confidential roles where they prefer to keep the opportunity restricted to only pre-qualified candidates.
  2. Your recruiter will get to know you and match you with companies where your career can flourish. You can be honest with a headhunter in terms of your likes and dislikes when it comes to an employer. A good recruiter will know the in’s and out’s of a company and use these details to find a position best suited to you.
  3. A recruiter can guarantee that you won’t be just another resume in a pile; using a headhunter lets you cut in line, so to say, to get directly in front of a hiring manager.  When you apply on your own, you may end up in the “internet black hole” – a never ending pile of resumes that are never really given a chance because HR personnel simply cannot and do not have the time to review every resume.  
  4. Recruiters know their clients. They work with them over and over again so they know what the company is truly looking for in an employee.  They can prepare you for a company's interview style, tell you what types of questions the interviewers may ask, inform you of its pet peeves, tell you where and why others have failed to get to the next step and how to get the information from them that you may need to make a decision as to whether it's the best fit for you.
  5. A good recruiter will always help prepare and guide you through the interview process. For advice ranging from what to wear to specific feedback on how to phrase answers and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses, candidates can polish their image and be prepared before meeting with a hiring manager.
  6. They help negotiate the best possible compensation package for you.  Recruiters have better knowledge of the job market and salary ranges for different positions. Their goal is to find the win-win in an offer that is attractive to both parties.
  7. It's free. Real recruiters never charge the candidate a fee.

The exception to the above benefits are when candidates do not have the requisite experience, skills or current employment history our clients have specifically requested.  In those situations, you may be best served to go directly to a company’s web site and apply.

Although you should not rely solely on a recruiter to find you a job, given the above mentioned benefits that a recruiter brings, a candidate would be foolhardy NOT to take advantage of the services a professional recruiter provides.  

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