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Banking Recruiters

Our Industry Focus

Park Avenue Group's Orlando based Banking Recruiters and Financial Services Recruiters are spearheaded by the company's President and CEO, Stacy Ethun Stevens. Her clients are comprised of top-tier companies that range from community banks to national banks, boutique firms to wire houses across the USA. With over 20 years as an executive in the Banking industry and over 19 years banking recruiting experience, Stacy is clearly the ideal agent for top banking and financial talent.

The Banking Recruiter and Financial Services Recruiter division has worked with clients such as:

Throughout the years we have successfully filled positions such as:

  • Accountants
  • Finance Managers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Auditors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Loan Administrators
  • Operations Managers
  • Technology Officers
  • Chief Banking Officers
  • Chief Credit Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Chief Lending Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Division Managers
  • Mortgage Loan Officers
  • Bank Presidents
  • Business Bankers
  • Business Banking Managers
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Commercial Lending Managers
  • Corporate Lender
  • Correspondent Lenders
  • Commercial Loan Underwriters
  • Credit Administrators
  • Risk Analysts
  • Risk Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • City Executives
  • District Managers
  • Market Executives
  • Market Presidents

Whether your organization’s need is for a key individual to add to or replace a member of your team, or to lift out an entire team to build a department around, our Banking and Financial Services recruiting division will exceed your expectations. We take the time to understand the challenges you face and the solutions you need. It's not only an understanding of the requirements of the position, but an understanding of the company's culture, the environment and the hiring manager.


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